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Welcome to Security-Service-Schmitt

Their reliable partner in things security

Since over 15 years we have been offering our services to a wide variety of customers from diverse sectors. Whether clients from gastronomy, trade or commerce, we offer support and advice and answers with regards to any questions and issues related to security at their events or general enterprise security, and ensure a smooth and secure flow of events.


Beratung & Konzepte

In all our services we guarantee a competent and trained workforce with the appropriate language skills as well as first aid training and education in accordance with paragraph ยง34a of the German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation.

We offer the following services:

  • Security workforce at your events
  • Security workforce at your clubs and discotheques
  • Security workforce for safety at events.
  • Trained workforce for Object specific security
  • Special trained Bodyguards
  • Detectives and security workforce for department stores as well as Warehouses
  • Trained and inconspicuous detectives for means of observation
  • Workforce in all areas of service provision.